I received several messages both privately and in social media today, urging me to black out my profile pictures and go silent tomorrow to, as the meme put it, “show what the world might be like without women.”

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I am going to leave the notion of an all-women group blackout alone for a moment, to instead discuss what it has felt like personally for the past thirteen or so years to hide and subvert memories of trauma and abuse that have had a huge impact on the development of my psyche. It feels painful. It feels like self-flagellation, like wearing a hair shirt, a blacking out of a piece of my soul. …

Dear Senator Gillibrand,

I am a Dartmouth alumna and a constituent of yours who was sexually assaulted at Dartmouth in the spring of 2005 when I was a 19-year old sophomore. My assailant was around 29 years old and a business school student. I am being accused of slander by my assailant (who is a financial industry executive) for speaking out about the incident in the wake of the#MeToo movement. We both currently work in New York City — I as a freelance writer and he for (redacted).

I know very personally now how important it is for everyone involved…

I Am The Mud

And I am also the lotus. Photo by Richard Kasperowski on Unsplash

Om shrim maha lakshmiyei swaha
Om shrim maha lakshmiyei swaha
Om shrim maha lakshmiyei swaha

I try to focus on the heart expanding and the sound of my breath only as I repeat the mantra 108 times as prescribed. There are thirty five of us all over the world reciting the mantra in this specific prescription in tandem with a series of subconscious programming exercises.

We also receive what the facilitator calls sacred transmissions which she says activate divine feminine codes and gateways within the body. The group of us, I guess you could call it…

Making new friends, finding resonance, and vibrating together is one of the coolest ways to make new magic. Rock bands and internet conglomerates have all essentially been created in garages by spiritual beings vibrating inside of human meat sacks, having been gestated by other meat sack spritual beings. This study of vibrational phenomena is known as cymatics. When you start to think of large crowds in terms of cymatics, things really begin to get interesting.

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Part of the painful aspect of silencing certain facets of your existence, is that you must try to be able to resonate with others without…

“To say regarding the threats of my adversary, this was no longer my first time at the rodeo.”

I am not alone in my current spiritual process of revelation. And so, in my social media some commentary bubbles up here and there about the reckoning going on in the collective consciousness regarding consent and sexual crimes. The Kavanaugh hearing has been particularly affecting. When I discuss certain safe, redacted details of my case with people around me, their first instinct is to tell me that they are sorry. Sorry that I have to go through it, sorry that it…

People generally associate implicit or explicit vows of silence with criminal organizations. Omertà is the cultural vow of silence taken in places where groups such as the mafia have exerted their control. It can be similarly seen in communities with Mediterranean roots, and similar vows can be seen in all kinds of other places if you know where to look. Where omertà reigns, justice is generally something that is considered to be taken into one’s own hands.

Growing up in America, I had an assumption that I was born free. That due to my country’s system of governance I…

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In the wake of the #MeToo wave, to say that I found myself triggered was an understatement. I was hospitalized for six days, called myself “Whore of Babylon, Queen of the Universe,” rented office space in the World Trade Center, and joined a mystery school coven where people practiced Goddess worship and believed in “Sacred Wealth” and talked about alchemizing their trauma. I was telling anyone who would listen that I had a message for the world about how to reclaim our sovereignty from those who stole it and usher in a new era. The only problem was that I…

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storytelling, ether dragons, alchemy, metaphysical forensics. read more about spiritual revelations and the hustle at www.msuniverse.co.

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